My name is Calvin Courjon, I’m a professional photographer specialized in automotive photography and based in Paris, France.

I also often shoot with models or for brands and I can produce videos. Because of my own presence on social media, I have the knowledge to run the social media accounts of my customers when required to help them create engagement with their followers and reach a bigger audience.

I was born and raised in Paris, where my passion for cars started in 2010 when I was 10 years told. I quickly got into photography the year after which became my second passion. I learned everything by myself over the years by practicing. A third passion of mine is traveling and discovering the world came later when I   traveler outside of France by myself to attend car events around Europe at the early age of 15. Now I already explored 30 countries and I love to document my travels by taking a lot of pictures that you can find in the section “Travel” of my website.

I used all the knowledge learned through those years to transform my passion into my job because I think that to be successful in life you have to do what you love.
I will always push myself to the maximum to provide the best pictures to my customers and try to transcribe my passion for photography in my work.

If you would like to work with me, you can contact me at : calvin.courjon@gmail.com